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Our Process----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarasota Gold & Silver been known to pay very well for higher priced items of unusual jewelry & fine jewelry items.

Due to our jewelry industry experience and knowledge, we can make the judgement call that makes the differences between an offer you got for a $500 piece from one worth $5,000. Even if you have had a recent offer somewhere else that you refused, bring your jewelry items in and compare. We will buy one piece or an entire collection or estate. We are always interested in looking at any pieces you might have.

Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and there is no charge or obligation. We pay you immediately.

Becasue of our strong foothold in the jewelry industry we have the ability to offer you various options concerning your jewelry in order to help you get top dollar. We can offer to purchase your item outright, which we prefer to do. We can offer suggestions for Auctions, Consignments or Trades. Please keep in mind " WE DO NOT CHARGE" for discussion or conversation... Plus you always have the option of keeping your items and doing nothing at this present time.

» In order for SGS JEWELERS to buy your jewelry, we must see your jewelry.

Sarasota Gold & Silver has developed a simple process for getting cash for your unwanted diamonds, gold, scrap etc. You basically have 2 choices:
(a) come to the physical store located at [directions] or call and make an appointment to bring your items to our office 8129 Cooper Creek Blvd University Park, Florida 34201 941-360-8565
(b) Send your items to be inspected by us, then we will issue you a quote by email. If you agree to the quote we will send you a check for the amount agreed upon.

You might be concerned with sending your items by mail our suggestion is to send only via registered mail from the US Postal Service. This is the best service our US government has. It allows you to insure the jewelry and requires each hand the package travels through to sign for receiving it (even us). This is the safest and the least costly manner to send your package. USPO.GOV

We can usually send a jewelry package, registered and insured for $25,000 for approximately $35. Other forms of shipping cannot compete with this cost such as FedEx and UPS.

We will be happy to give you instructions or you may contact your local post office. Make sure you enclose a note with instructions inside the package and your name, address and phone-number so we may return information or merchandise. Your jewelry is insured while it is in our possession. We will give you a response within 24 hours of our receipt and we will make sure when it is returned to you it goes back via registered mail from the US Postal Service. You may use the form(s) located on the Diamond Kit or Gold Buying page to send with your items.

We’ll trade or buy all these items:
Loose diamonds Broken diamonds Old cut diamonds Loose colored gems Out of style jewelry in gold
Damaged, broken jewelry Old watches (gold) Miscellaneous scrap gold Platinum Seldom worn jewelry
Gold coins Silver coins Sapphires Emeralds Rubies
Semi-precious gems Pearls-strands Pearl jewelry Antique pieces Signed designer pieces
Sterling silver flatware sets Sterling silver tea sets Cameos Jade 10K jewelry
14K jewelry 18K jewelry Diamonds, all shapes and sizes Men’s jewelry Other

3 simple steps to get cash for your unwanted broken diamonds jewelry gems & gold

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Sarasota Gold & Silver is a buyer of unwanted diamonds, Loose diamonds, broken diamonds, scrap gold, dental gold
Selling your unwanted diamonds, gold and estate jewelry is a simple 3 step process.
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