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Sarasota Gold & Silver is located on the Gulf of Mexico in sunny Florida. Sarasota Gold and silver is also known as SGS Jewelers which is a shortened version of Sarasota Gold & Silver Jewelers. Our Store is open 6 days a week from 10 am - 5 pm. Located a very short distance from I75 we are very accessable for anyone to visit us.

We have a Master Jeweler inhouse & do all repairs on our premisis. Also a Graduate Gemologist who does Insurance & other forms of appraisals. Bead & pearl restringing is done inhouse by our pearl & bead expert.

Watch batteries are replaced while you wait, we are also able to do water pressure tests on any watch. We have a huge selection of Mens & Womans leather & metal link & stretch watch bands. Removing links from watches is done while you wait.

Sarasota Gold & Silver - 8129 Cooper Creek Blvd University Park Florida 34201 941-360-8565


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We’ll trade or buy all these items:
Loose diamonds Broken diamonds Old cut diamonds Loose colored gems Out of style jewelry in gold
Damaged, broken jewelry Old watches (gold) Miscellaneous scrap gold Platinum Seldom worn jewelry
Gold coins Silver coins Sapphires Emeralds Rubies
Semi-precious gems Pearls-strands Pearl jewelry Antique pieces Signed designer pieces
Sterling silver flatware sets Sterling silver tea sets Cameos Jade 10K jewelry
14K jewelry 18K jewelry Diamonds, all shapes and sizes Men’s jewelry Other

3 simple steps to get cash for your unwanted broken diamonds jewelry gems & gold

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Sarasota Gold & Silver is a buyer of unwanted diamonds, Loose diamonds, broken diamonds, scrap gold, dental gold
Selling your unwanted diamonds, gold and estate jewelry is a simple 3 step process.
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